Attention record collectors of Denver! Do you have vinyl sitting around gathering dust? Tired of moving those albums you no longer listen to from place to place?  Do you wish you could turn that vinyl into a nice bottle of wine or a couple six packs of local craft beer? Well, if you live in Denver you are in luck! Your friendly LoHi neighborhood craft beer/wine/spirits/record shoppe is here to make your wish come true. Here at Amendment XXI, home of #musicmondays, we LOVE vinyl! We are always on the lookout to add albums to our collection that we have for sale and that’s why we are rolling out a brand new vinyl trade program.

Here’s how it works:

Stop by anytime to check out our record collection and inquire about the trade program!  We are conveniently located in LoHi, Denver, close to downtown and just off  I-25.

If you wish to pursue the trade further, email us at [email protected]

We will evaluate at that point for selection, genre need, quality, etc.

If we wish to swap your records, we will arrange and then issue you store credit. That’s it!  You can use it on anything in the shoppe; wine, spirits, cheese, mixers, more vinyl!   It’s as good as cash here at Amendment XXI.

Oh yeah…what’s  #musicmondays, you may ask?  Come in on any Monday to stock up on wine, beer or spirits.  When you add a vinyl to the purchase you get 15% off the total! Just like that, Mondays are now your favorite.