It’s officially fall here in Denver!  Fall is officially the best time for craft beer drinkers. Oktoberfests abound and more and more rich, luscious stouts are making appearances.

Also hitting the shelves is the OG of all seasonal craft beer, the pumpkin beer!  Brewers have always enjoyed brewing with seasonal ingredients.  Americans have been brewing and enjoying pumpkin beer since our colonial days.  At Amendment XXI in LoHi, we have a great selection of these seasonal treats and are ready to help you find one that perfectly suits you.

Pumpkin beer showcases a wide range of flavors, there is certainly something for everyone.

Do you prefer less pumpkin spice and more autumn leaves with a flannel shirt feel? We’ve got you covered.  Think earthy, roasty, malty, umami, with the only hint of sweetness coming from the maltiness of the beer. Or maybe you are looking for pumpkin pie perfection in a glass; cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, buttery crust. Sweet, but not cloying. Step right in, we have those, too.

Pumpkin beer is the essence of seasonal craft beer.  My suggestion is to stop by Amendment XXI where our staff can direct you towards some great local options. Gather up some friends, make a big pot of chili and bake a pan of brownies to go with the beer.

Carve a pumpkin or two and enjoy the heck out of a gorgeous Denver fall evening.  It’s a pretty special time in our city.