Ah, Thanksgiving! The biggest and best feast of the year, a smorgasbord of nostalgic favorites. A lively holiday centered around gratitude and the ones we love, it’s the relaxed, casual cousin to Christmas. However, if we’re being honest, most of us acknowledge that preparing all the elements for this big day comes with its fair share stress. Will the turkey be dry? Is there just enough food or too much? How long will it be before “you know who” brings up politics? How in the world are you supposed to bake ten different casseroles in your non-industrial size oven, all to be ready at the same time? We hear you. You’ve got a lot on your plate! The last thing you need is to worry about which wines to choose for the meal. Let our staff at Amendment XXI ease your mind. We are ready to help you select the perfect wines for your celebration! Even if there is a veritable food fight happening over at the kids table, you can rest assured that your guests will be happily sipping away.

We are all about taking a laid back approach to wine pairings for Thanksgiving. Sure, there are wines that are perhaps more suited for traditional holiday foods, but in the end, drink what you like! It truly comes down to personal preference. That being said, for those of you looking for suggestions, our staff has curated a list of versatile, affordable, food-friendly wines, all available in our shoppe. You can’t go wrong with any of these selections!

Let’s start off with a couple classic Thanksgiving pairings. These are crowd pleasers and common to find at a holiday table. For white, Gewürztraminer is a sure bet. Slightly sweet, rich, with hints of spice, it’s a fantastic complement to the savory components of the meal. This wine is low in acidity and pairs beautifully with tart dishes like cranberries.

Pinot Noir is what many people instinctively gravitate towards when choosing a Thanksgiving red. It has it all. It’s low in tannins, light-bodied, easy to drink, and won’t overwhelm the wide variety of flavors from savory to sweet. It’s easy to find a variety of American or European bottles all at a decent price point. Everybody knows it, everybody loves it!

Feeling like surprising your guests with something a little less expected? Here are three recommendations that really shine! Beaujolais has many similarities to a pinot noir, yet is often under-appreciated. It’s a simple, straightforward young red wine. Fruity and refreshing, it’s equally at home with both dark and white meat and roasted vegetables. It’s the ultimate harvest wine! In France where it is produced, there is an annual celebration after the last of these grapes are harvested in the fall.

Riesling is another great white wine option. It ranges from bone dry to mildly sweet and either end of the spectrum will work well for a Thanksgiving meal. Rieslings are low in alcohol and higher in acidity which helps cut through all the rich goodness at the table. With flavors of apple, pear, and honey it’s a perfect fit with everything from stuffing to pumpkin pie.

Sparkling Rosé. Yes, absolutely! You can begin the meal with it and carry on drinking it all the way through. Sparkling Rosé is a dream to pair with any type of food. Its effervescence and acidity act as a palate cleanser with each sip, preparing you for the next bite. Festive and light, with delicate fruity notes, these bubbles will certainly up the celebratory factor of your gathering, and why not celebrate? Sparkling wine is also surprisingly affordable, making it a great option for a large group.

For any wine geeks out there looking for something off-beat and cool, you can definitely find what you are looking for at Amendment XXI! We have a nice selection of fine wine you may not commonly find elsewhere in Denver wine shoppes. Here are two that we agree would be stellar for Thanksgiving:

Ever heard of White Pinot Noir? Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir from Oregon is one of the most popular white wines in our shoppe. It’s made from the same red grapes used to produce traditional Pinot Noir, but the winemaking process is different. The juice that is extracted from the grapes has no contact with the grape skins, resulting in a white wine. It’s delightfully fruity with notes of nectarine, pear and honeydew. It’s got a great acidity and minerality that makes it a really nice food wine or just to drink on its own.

If you are a fan of Beaujolais or Pinot Noir, you owe it to yourself to give Valdiguie a try! A beautiful wine with a bright purple or magenta hue, it’s fruity and easy to drink. You’ll detect aromas of violets and rose petals. It’s packed with a ton of dark purple fruit flavor while still retaining a light body and mouthfeel. There is so much to love about this wine! Come pick up a bottle and discover a new favorite.

Whether you are one of our regular customers in the LoHi neighborhood or will be visiting Denver over the holidays, be sure to stop by our shoppe! We are ready to assist you in finding the perfect wines for Thanksgiving Day!